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A Note to the Universe

I subscribe to Notes from the Universe so everyday, I get an inspirational email from “the Universe”.  I’m not having the easiest of times right now, so this morning I decided to write back.

Dear Universe,

First up, thank you.  I am deeply grateful for the people, opportunities and abundance in my life.  Together, we’ve been building something pretty incredible.

Now, we both know that I am a fiercely strong and independent woman. T hat hasn’t changed. I can feel that calm, steady space within me. But can we please acknowledge that the last few weeks have been hard. is a life-changing programme and I have faith that something amazing is coming from it; it is also emotionally, intellectually and mentally demanding.  And then there’s the whole relationship coming to an end thing, which I’m trying to get my head around and to hold my heart together over.

I don’t ask for much.  I generally just put my head down and get on with these things.  This time is no different.  Except. I  could really do with a hug right now so if you don’t mind, could you send a few in my direction?

With love and gratitude



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