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A Note to Myself – Taking Bali Home with Me

Every now and then, the universe gives you right what you need even when you don’t need realise you need it.

I have just spent a gorgeous weekend in Bali – I got a contract for some week in Indonesia so rather than spend a weekend in an anonymous hotel in downtown Surabaya, I hopped over to Ubud for a couple of days.  It turned out that it was exactly what I needed.

I didn’t really do much.  I did a few classes at Yoga Barn – including one of the most amazing Yin classes I’ve ever been to – had a little spa day (see my flower bath), and wiled away an afternoon in cafes with a book.

It suddenly hit me on Sunday afternoon; I noticed I felt energised and restored, like I been filled up or plugged in.  I hadn’t even noticed that I was feeling depleted, although after a month of full-time work in 3 different countries and more than 36 hours of travelling so far, I probably shouldn’t be surprised!  But it got me thinking about why this weekend felt different to the time I take for myself back home, other than Bali’s renowned healing properties.

For the first time in a long while, I didn’t try to do anything or achieve anything.  There was nowhere I had to be and even the ever-present to-do list was put away for the weekend.  At home, yoga has become something I have to do: for my training and because that’s what yoga teachers do.  When I have time away from paid work, I’m working on my coaching business or at least gently fretting over the things I could be doing.  Even as I write this, back in Surabaya, I’m feeling the pressure to ‘maximise’ my time.  One of the huge advantages of working for myself is the flexibility so I get to work wherever and whenever I like; one of the downsides is that I could always be working.

So, one of the things I’m taking away from Bali with me is the need to take proper time out for myself.  To do yoga because I love it, not just because I should (a word I’m trying to use less and less).  To have clear time when I’m working and to be clear with myself when I’m not.  And to have time each day and each week where I do things just for the pure pleasure of it.

Just a few photos of Ubud in all its glory!

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