Running Life

Marathon Training Week Thirteen

Runs – 3

Miles run – 28.2

Average pace – 9.07 min/mile

Wednesday Friday Sunday
3 miles 7.5 miles 17.5 miles

And I’m back!  After a difficult few weeks of training in April, I am feeling back in form this week…and a good job as the Uganda Marathon is now only 5 weeks away!  It’s been a good for three reasons:

  1. I enjoyed myself.  My focus this week was getting all my runs in rather than having specific times or speeds in mind.  As a result, I found I could just relax and enjoy the running – for the most part, mile 17 of my long run today was not exactly fun!
  2. Whilst I didn’t set out to run fast this week – or perhaps because – I was pretty pleased with my pacing throughout the week.  I normally struggle with my ‘fast’ mid-week run but, this week, I decided to set out at a comfortable pace rather than forcing myself to run ‘fast’ straight out the door.  As a result, I found myself running some quick miles later on in my run.  That continued through to Sunday where I was on or ahead of race pace all the way round.
  3. Finally, I had such a sense of achievement today, running the furthest I have ever run before – this will be a pattern for a few weeks!  Running for nearly 3 hours continuously, and still being able to walk afterwards (just), feels pretty damn good!

There are a few different factors at play here.  Being fully recovered from my cold at the start of the month definitely helps, as does getting the miles in every week.  I’ve been back at yoga a lot this week after the Easter break and I’ve also been taking my nutrition more seriously.  Generally, I’ve been eating more healthily; specifically, I made sure I ate properly last night and got up a couple of hours before running today to have a proper breakfast and make sure I was properly hydrated before heading out.  Finally, relaxing and enjoying it all more, rather than piling the pressure on myself, has definitely helped too.

Post-training recovery

It’s not all been perfect.  My right knee is playing up a bit; it particularly objects to stairs!  I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious – it’s not affecting my running – and that it will clear up during tapering.  And I am still pretty nervous about the race itself; my legs were complaining pretty loudly by the end of my run today.  But I’m really pleased with how the training is feeling and I am looking forward to getting out to Uganda.

As an aside, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend getting over to BBC iPlayer and watching Mind Over Marathon – truly inspirational and moving stories about a group of people with various mental health challenges training for and running the London Marathon.

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts in support of the women of Masaka, please head over to my fundraising page 🙂



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