Running Life

Marathon Training Week Nine

Week Nine:

Runs – 3

Miles run – 18.5 miles

Average pace – 9.15 min/mile

Week 9 – the half way point….argh!  In the last nine weeks, I have run 151 miles over 26 runs.  That’s quite a lot of running!  This last week has been a more a gentle one – a 3 mile jog and two 7.5 mile runs.  I’m finding these 7.5 mile runs easier, although I’m struggling with my faster run – it felt like I was running much harder than my GPS watch was telling me on Thursday and so I’m not actually much faster than my long run at the weekend.  I think by starting off at a slower pace, I relax into a quicker one as I go rather than trying to maintain my pace from mile one.  I also have more time at the weekend to hydrate, fuel and generally wake up before I go running; fitting in such a long run before work is tricky anyway so I need to think about which days I run with my new working routine.

I also got a bit of a fright this week when the Uganda Marathon posted a blog about hill training (very helpfully) and I saw the race profile:

Screen-shot-2016-03-30-at-21.59.17So guess what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks….anyone know of some hills near Stockwell?!  I’ve decided to deviate from my training plan a little – rather than just doing a fast 7.5 mile run mid-week, I’m going to use that run for some hills and speed training, wrapping in some bodyweight exercises at the same time.

15 miles this Sunday – the longest I have ever run!!!

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts in support of the women of Masaka, please head over to my fundraising page 🙂







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