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Marathon Training Week Eight

Week Eight:

Runs – 3

Miles run – 23.5 miles

Average pace – 8.55 min/mile

So, week eight.  Ten weeks to go and I’m focusing on increasing the distance of my long run.  After a difficult couple of weeks, I felt like I was back in my groove this week with a slow 3 mile jog, a fast 7.5 miles and a pace 12.5 miles – although I was totally knackered after the 7.5 miler before work!

Recovering on the floor after a quick 7.5 miles before work

I was feeling stronger come Sunday and my long run.  The last time I ran that far was during a half-marathon in 2012.  I remember slogging through the last couple of miles and feeling like I couldn’t take a single step more when I finished – which couldn’t be further from how I felt today.  The pace felt challenging but comfortable, the weather was glorious along the River Thames, and despite not getting enough sleep after the clocks went forward, I felt like I could have kept going.

Which is a good thing because I’m very conscious that I am nearly halfway through my training plan and I’m only running half the distance and I’m not even covering the full distance across the whole week!  I’m thinking about maybe adding in a fourth run each week but I don’t want to over-train either – I’ve had problems with my hips in the past which aren’t manifesting this time (all that yoga is paying off) and I don’t want to risk any problems by running too frequently.  I’d be really grateful for any thoughts or tips from marathon pros on this one!

But right now, I’m going to have a long bath and get some much needed sleep.  I worked hard this week!

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2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Week Eight”

  1. Awesome work! Love it. 🙂
    I’m about to do my last long run 21 miles.
    I’ve also had hip problems in the past and have found yoga AMAZING this time. For me, yin/yang yoga has been the way to go. Love it. I also often substitute one of my weekday runs with a cycle instead to reduce impact. And epsom salts soak after! You probably know all this, but good to compare! 🙂
    Keep enjoying! xx

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    1. Yoga is the best! So good for stability and mobility in the hips. Going to try Epsom salts….I wasn’t too achy today but any excuse for a bath!


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