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Marathon Training Week Seven

Week Seven:

Runs – 3

Miles run – 16 miles

Average pace – 9.04 min/mile

Feeling – relaxed

How is it the end of week seven of my training already?!  Week Seven marks the end of the go faster phase – from next week, I really start to increase my distance.  Reflecting on the whole phase (6 weeks), I’m not sure I’ve actually got much faster – I seemed to peak quite early on and I’ve struggled to replicate those 8 minute miles in the last couple of weeks, for which I largely blame a head cold that wrote off much of week five.

The psychology of that has been interesting to observe.  As soon I as ran those faster miles, I started to expect that I would be able to do that every time and I became disappointed when I didn’t meet my own expectations – despite the fact that I am running faster than my plan tells me to.  Forgive the amateur psychologist moment (I find running and reflecting on my training a very helpful window into my life generally) but it seems to me that I am at my happiest when I don’t have expectations of myself.  As soon as the word “should” creeps into my thoughts, I make life really tough for myself.

Anyway, back to week seven!  This was an easier week – still a decent mileage but at a more comfortable pace to reduce strain on my body and let it recover a little – so 5 miles at a comfortable pace, a 3 mile jog and 7.5 miles at a comfortable pace.  And it felt good this week.  There isn’t a huge amount of difference between a slow, comfortable and fast pace for me (I actually find it really hard to run slower than 09:30min/mile! – never thought I would say that) but just taking the pressure off myself let me enjoy the runs much more.  It helps that the weather is getting better so I even braved running in shorts for the first time this year, although the leggings were quickly back on again the next day!

Pale winter legs seeing sun for the first time in a while!

And in other exciting news, I will also be blogging about my training for the Uganda Marathon crew so keep an eye over at for my guest posts.

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts in support of the women of Masaka, please head over to my fundraising page 🙂





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