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Marathon Training Week Five

Week Five has not gone well.  As I got up for my first run on Wednesday morning, I was starting to feel a little under the weather.  By Wednesday evening, I was dosed up and feeling rather sorry for myself.  Cue four days of blocked noses, headaches and totally lethargy aka no more running!

In fact, I really didn’t achieve much with the second half of the week at all apart from some serious binge-watching (and a little bit of yoga).  And now it’s Sunday evening.  Hopefully, resting up has meant I got over this relatively quickly – lacing my trainers back up in the morning for a gentle 3 miles and we’ll see how it goes.

Miles run – 5 miles

Average pace – 8.43min/mile

Listening to – The Guilty Feminist

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts in support of the women of Masaka, please head over to my fundraising page 🙂



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