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Marathon Training Week Four

Week Four has been a tough week, not just with training but life generally.  I’m still on track, especially during a lighter week (2x 3 mile jogs and 2x 5 mile fast runs), but it’s amazing how much life has impacted on how I perceive my training.  Some of it has been rookie errors – like running too soon after eating on Friday – some has been down to the weather – it’s hard to run fast when gusts of wind leave you breathless and feeling like you’re running on the spot!

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with me at the moment.  I definitely feel a little out of sorts and have been really tired this week.  I always find windy weather disrupting (courtesy of my predominant vata dosha – ayurveda stuff) and a big project has been coming to its culmination at work.  I’m delighted that it’s nearly finished but, like all big change projects, getting the system in and getting everyone using it successfully are two very different things!  I’ve been focused so long on just getting us to ‘go-live’ that the cheeky hill round the corner of dealing with everyone’s questions has wiped me out.  All together, it’s really not left me much time or energy to focus on my new projects (and career come April).  I’ve been trying really hard to cut myself some slack; I know I don’t need to achieve everything straight away and there will be weeks where work, just like my running, feels harder and like I’m achieving less.  That’s okay.  I’m still showing up.  I’m putting the effort in.  And, whilst it might not be quite as much as last week, I am still doing a kick-ass job!  There is no way, four weeks ago, I would have described 16 miles as a light week and have been able to run 5 miles comfortably in under 42 minutes (with a headwind!)

So whatever you’re working on at the moment, take a moment to recognise how far you’ve come.  And remember,

Practice and all is coming

K. Pattabhi Jois

Miles run – 16.48

Average pace – 8.54min/mile

Listening to – mostly music, this week – lots of rock’n’roll to keep me motivated.

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts in support of the women of Masaka, please head over to my fundraising page 🙂



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