Running Life

Marathon Training Week Three

Week three and I’m definitely finding my rhythm with my training.  This week, I did two 5 mile run and a 10 mile run – my first ‘long’ run of my training.  My second 5 mile run was quicker than the first (and my average pace was 2 seconds quicker than the same run last week) so I guess it took me a couple of days to recover from my long run the previous week.  This is the first time I’ve run 10 miles since I was training for my first half-marathon back in 2012 – it took me weeks to work up to and I’m still not sure I felt as strong as I did today!  I started out nice and comfortable and had plenty in the tank for a couple of quick miles at the end.

I’m really loving the Tribe energy and recovery products.  Although I discovered I’m not a huge fan of the banana shake, there are so many choices to tailor the pack – one of my favourites is the Bogoya Banana Tribe 10 recovery bars.  They are delicious and a great way of getting the nutrients and calories I need.

Speaking of calories, I feel like I’ve very much earned my Sunday lunch with my parents today!

Miles run – 20.2

Average pace – 8.47min/mile

Listening to – Creative Mornings, The Guilty Feminist, The News Quiz, Analysis, Side Hustle School, Planet Money, and The Infinite Monkey Cage (plus some AC/DC and Guns’N’Roses for those speedy miles!)

If you would like to support my fundraising efforts in support of the women of Masaka, please head over to my fundraising page 🙂



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