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Rediscovering Yoga Through Aerial Yoga

On Friday night, I went to my first aerial yoga class. It was an introductory workshop at The Life Centre with renowned Aerial Yoga teacher, Richard Holroyd.

It was amazing!  I felt so brilliant afterwards and have been telling everyone who will listen…so now I’m telling you, dear readers!

For the first time in a long time, I really felt like a beginner; my teacher training is emphasising getting back into a ‘beginner’s mindset’ and it was so easy to do with a completely new style of yoga, exploring the world from upside down.  There was the slight trepidation first then the thrill of seeing the world upside down whilst being totally safe and supported. Being able to relax into backbends, using gravity to help get slightly deeper into the stretch opened up backbends (no yoga-pun intended) allowed me to access the postures in a way I can’t normally.  We had started the class in a reclined posture all cocooned in the womb-like silks; it was so peaceful and calming.  I’ve never felt so childlike and playful in yoga before and there were moments when I felt like a dervish, circling in the brightly coloured silks to the rhythmic music.

I’ve been trying to explore new classes since I started teacher training in September in an effort to broaden my own horizons in yoga and experience different teaching styles.   I’ve been to some harder, more advanced classes, which have really challenged my body and I should be observing my first beginners class soon (it should have been at the weekend but there was an incident involving my hand and a knife that did not end so well for my hand – nothing too permanent – which wrote off most of my weekend plans).  I’ve really been enjoying thinking about yoga from different perspectives, being curious about the practice and thinking about how I could teach this to different people.

I’ve also really enjoyed getting back into my own practice and I’ve reconnected with my self practice again.  I’m so, so glad that I took the plunge to start my teacher training despite not feeling ready (do you ever feel ready?!).  It still feels quite overwhelming at times….there is so much work….but I’m already feeling the benefits.  Not only am I deepening my own practice but I’m starting to make new friends and to feel part of a new community.  This is such an exciting journey to be on and I hope you enjoy reading about it.  In the meantime, I cannot recommend Aerial Yoga enough – Richard teaches near-daily in Whitechapel for those of you in London.

Photograph courtesy of The Life Centre (I was far too busy enjoying myself to take any photos!)

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