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Embarking on a new Yoga Journey

This weekend, I took my first steps on a brand new journey – my first days of yoga teacher training!

Over the next eighteen months, I will be training with YogaCampus, working towards my Yoga Teacher Training Diploma.  After the first weekend, I can tell you, without doubt, that it is going to be full of ups and downs, hard work, self-reflection, fun and community.  I have no idea where this is going to take me; I really haven’t decided how yoga teaching is going to fit into my life but it’s something that has been niggling away at me for a couple of years and I finally realised that I was never going to know where this might end up unless I got started.

I will be blogging about my journey over the coming months – I find writing about my experiences really helps me process and hopefully I can share some useful things along the way.  Here are a few thoughts immediately after the first weekend…

  • Being a practitioner and a teacher are two different things.  I need to work out how I keep growing and learning in my own yoga practice, whilst learning how to develop at authentic teaching style that is mindful of my students’ needs.
  • Approach everything with a beginner’s mind…be curious, explore and observe the practice…how does it feel?
  • Every body is different and everyone comes to yoga for different reasons.  As a teacher, my job is to provide to an inviting space for everyone to explore how they want to.
  • Flexibility is not necessarily the end goal…in fact, flexibility without strength and stability can be ‘worse’ than stiffness.

There is so much to learn…the next eighteen months is going to barely scratch the surface!  This is way more than a few weekends over the coming months.  I am going to need to create new routines around self-practice, study, classes and finally my own teaching.  I don’t think I had quite appreciated how much space I am going to need to create in my life and that feels a little overwhelming right now.

Speaking of which, my perfectionist Shitty Committee are already on full-volume in my head…not knowing all the Sanskrit posture names today made me feel really inadequate!  I am going to have to remind myself frequently that I am on this course to learn, not to know all the answers already.  That I will never know all the answers and that’s okay.  That I am enough.  Full stop.

But for all of the self-doubt and uncertainty, I feel really proud of myself for taking this step and for just showing up.  Maybe I will be a world-famous yoga teacher; maybe I’ll never teach a public class.  I don’t know what will happen but I do know that the only way to find out is to start walking the path.

May your life be filled with light and love xxx

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