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When in Rome…five top tips for a weekend break

  1. Eat gelato….lots of it.  It’s available everywhere in every flavour imaginable.
  2. Eat lots generally.  I’ve never seen so many cafes and restaurants.  From tourist traps, to family run Trattoria, to classy little restaurants serving pasta in bowls big enough to swim in.  Try it all.  Travestere is a great neighbourhood for places to eat, especially in the evening.
  3. Be in awe of the history.  I live in London, which has a lot of old stuff, but I was constantly amazed walking around Rome – there are ancient sites everywhere.  One of my favourite things was trying to imagine what it must have looked like 2000 years ago, how many people have walked over those stones since then?
  4. Avoid the queues.  I have never seen so many tourists in my life.  The queues at the main attractions were insane.  We walked by places like the Colosseum and the Vatican but decided we weren’t in the mood for three hours of queuing to get inside.  Just seeing these iconic buildings is pretty impressive on its own.  But if you do want to go inside, you can buy tickets  and passes online that will save you time and money.
  5. Walk everywhere.  The central areas of Rome are surprisingly compact so you can see most of the sites without going anywhere near public transport.  It also opens up a completely different side of the city, one of little piazzas and crooked side streets.  We walked down one and you could hear someone singing from an open window and someone practicing the piano a little further down, which gave the shady little streets a real sense of atmosphere.  Rome feels like a lived-in city and you get the best sense of this just wandering around.


I stayed at Casacau, a collection of gorgeous apartments near the Trevi Fountain.

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