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Reflections on the Madness of May

Normally, for writing these posts, I make notes through out the month so it’s to remember what I’ve been up to at the end of it.  This month, when I opened up the draft, I had one thing.  May has been an intense month – in good ways and bad – so not much time for exciting things to highlight.

May was a month where I decided to buy a flat.  I had my birthday, just days after breaking up with someone, and went to Rome for the weekend.  Work went from being a bit quiet to decidedly unquiet and a  couple of weeks of ridiculously long days.  I got sick and completely lost my voice.  I caught up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for ages and, when life all felt just a bit pants, realised what an amazing group of friends and family I have.  I started coaching this month too; starting with a couple of people and pro bono and it’s so exciting to be exploring different things that interest me and might offer career opportunities in the future.  In a similar vein, right at the end of the month, I got accepted onto the yoga teacher training course I wanted with YogaCampus so I will be embarking on a whole new adventure come September.

The current state of my new flat….hoping to complete and move in October

May was a month where I learnt a lot about myself.  It’s been a challenging few weeks and, at times, I have felt so drained.  If you read my post from a  couple of weeks ago, you will have seen that I wasn’t looking after myself in the best through all of this either.  But I now feel that the worst is behind me.  I feel empowered and alive and facing a life filled with opportunity and choice.  I may not have control over what is happening in some aspects of my life but I have complete control over how I react, how I choose to think about those events and therefore how I feel about them (more about this later in June with what I’ve been reading).  And so it’s onwards and upwards in June – as I write this, the sun has appeared for the first time this month and that feels somewhat symbolic.

It’s not all been challenge and drama, though, so here are a couple of the highlights of other things I’ve been up to.

Sh*t-faced Shakespeare.  Yep, get a professional actor drunk and then perform some serious (ish) Shakespeare.  What could possibly go wrong?!  Whilst part of me is slightly uneasy about someone having to get drunk to do their job and for laughs, I did laugh – a lot!  This is definitely Edinburgh Fringe rather than The Globe and the cast executed perfectly.  The scenes are clearly well-rehearsed and directed so it’s a little hard to tell how much is genuine drunkenness and how much is just good acting but the result was really, really funny.  The run at the Leicester Square Theatre ends on 11 June and I would definitely recommend getting down there if you can.

Copita.  This is the Petticoat Lane Market sister branch of the Soho tapas bar.  I had a lovely dinner here with a friend I’ve not seen for far too long.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed.  They even had a pretty good selection of vegetarian options, which is not always the case when it comes to tapas.  This was actually the back-up choice – we had planned to go to Som Saa but got there at a really busy time and were just too hungry to wait for a table so next time – but a great choice, nonetheless.

So here’s to a slightly more awesome June!

May your life be filled with love and laughter xxx

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