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Be Kind to Yourself

…a note to myself.

It’s easy, isn’t it, when life gets busy and hard and complicated to just keep demanding more of yourself.  To keep striving for the most unrealistic goal of perfection.  To keep pushing and pushing until you end the week curled up in a ball, wishing you could get so small you could just disappear.

It’s too easy to be too busy to eat lunch.  To set the alarm clock half an hour, an hour earlier, just so you can get that run in or go that yoga class before the early meeting.  To cram more and more activity into the day so that the ‘me’time all but disappears.

But you know how counterproductive that can be.  Doing more and more and not fuelling yourself properly does not help you achieve more and more.  It leads to running on empty, to running on emotional fumes.  It leads to that very thing you fear most, not being your best.

The days when you are the busiest are the days you need to make the most time to take care of yourself.  As the Dalai Lama says, on normal days, I meditate for an hour in the morning, on extremely busy days, I meditate for two hours in the morning.

So it’s time to back off and focus on what’s most important – being kind to yourself.  Let’s start with the basics.

  • Eating healthy food regularly throughout the day, even if you don’t feel like that – cue some meal planning and a trip to the farmers’ market.
  • Making space for genuine down-time with things that make me happy: a hot cup of tea, my fluffy blanket, a good book.
  • Reminding myself that just showing up and being authentic is enough.  That I am enough.
  • That it make take a while but everything will work out exactly as it is meant to.
  • Accepting what is and letting go of the resistance is the best way to be truly happy, whatever the outcome.

Be kind to yourself, little one.

For my friends and family who are reading this, don’t worry, I’m fine!  I’m taking proper care of myself – promise xxx

May your life be filled with light and love xxx

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