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April Awesomeness

Wow, I can’t believe we are at the end of April already!  The year is flying by and this month feels particularly short as I was on my trip in Central America for the first half.  That does mean I haven’t been out and about so much this month as I have been spending lots of lovely time catching up with friends and family, but here are a few things that have been bringing joy to my life this month.

Listened to…


I listen to podcasts a lot.  They are a great soundtrack to my daily commute – especially in a packed tube carriage – and satisfy my thirst for knowledge.  I listen to a broad spectrum of podcasts: from self-improvement shows like Happier with Gretchen Rubin or The Lively Show to news and politics, normally courtesy of the BBC, and comedy shows that have me laughing out loud on the escalators like a mad woman.  I’ll be posting a few recommendations soon so stay tuned.

Amazon Whispersync

I just discovered Whispersync on my travels recently.  A few people had recommended audiobooks to me and, as someone who can’t read on buses, I thought this would be a great way to be able to ‘read’ books on the move.  Whispersync basically allows to move seamlessly between your eBook and the audio version, meaning I could listen to a few chapters on the bus and then pick up where I left off on my Kindle when I arrived at the next town.  It costs a little bit more – you buy the eBook and then the audio upgrade – so I only did a few books but it was so good!  And, if you’ve read my posts on what I read in March and April, you’ll see how many books I was able to read.  I love finding apps and gadgets that just make life a little smoother and this is one of them.


Mildred’s King Cross

As a vegetarian with a lot of meat-eating friends (including a carnivorous boyfriend), I love vegetarian restaurants that serve delicious food that appeals to my friends and gives me a full menu to choose from.  Mildred’s does just that and more.  The original Mildred’s down in in Soho is one of my favourite vegetarian-vegan restaurants and one of the oldest in London.  They have now opened two more branches including one just around the corner in King’s Cross.  I finally got to check out the new branch this month and loved it.  The Mildred’s menu takes inspiration from all over the world – Sri Lankan curries, burritos, pastas and stir fries – with a good mix of vegan and gluten-free options.  I went for dinner but they also do great-looking lunch, brunch and breakfast menus which I can’t wait to try.  The space at King’s Cross is lovely and airy, with long blonde-wooden sharing tables.  Mildred’s have never taken bookings (unless you are a group of ten or more) so you can end up waiting for a while for a table at their bar but there was plenty of space and no wait on the Thursday evening we went.

Chit Chaat Chai

I ended up eating out a lot in April, especially spending time with friends, one of whom designs cocktails.  So we went to the soft opening of Chit Chaat Chai in Wandsworth Town, as he had designed their cocktail menu.  Chit Chaat Chai offer an exciting range of Indian street food in a really cool, Mumbai-style cafe.  It was the first day of the soft opening so there were a few teething problems but the food was delicious and the restaurant had a really lovely atmosphere.  It was great to meet the owners and see how excited and nervous they were about finally getting everything up and running.  I’ll be going back and suggest you do too!



Project Awesome #Hashtag Race

Project Awesome is a free fitness collective started in London but spreading out nationwide.  It was founded by one of my favourite people and possibly the world’s huggiest and most colourful man, Danny Bent.  This weekend, Project Awesome organised a #hashtag race that saw about fifty random awesome people running 15km around central London in various states of fancy dress taking pictures and videos of ourselves doing silly and random things for no particular reason.  It was one of the most fun afternoons I’ve had for ages!  Although having not run that far for a while, I was pretty achy afterwards 😦


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