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March Madness

This is a little bit of a short reflection on the month as I left on holiday about half way through. Clearly, the holiday is a real highlight of the month but I’ll be posting about those adventures separately.  So here’s what else I’ve been enjoying during March.

The Guilty Feminist.  I went to see Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White record an episode of their brilliantly witty podcast this month.  This podcast is now one of my favourites – there are about four that are ‘must listen’ for me each week – and I have been telling everyone about it!  With “I’m a feminist but…” confessions, standup and meaningful discussions of contemporary feminist issues, Sofie and Deborah had me in stitches for over an hour and a half.  Do check out their website, download the podcast and try to see them live at some point.

Burberry Make-Up.  I’m not usually one for expensive make-up, or lots of make-up for that matter.  My make-up routine is usually pretty understated; even a night-out just calls for a bit of extra eye-liner.  But, I might be a bit of a convert now.  I took my mum to Burberry on Regents Street for Mothers’ Day this year, after seeing an offer in Emeral Street (a daily newsletter from the people who publish The Stylist), for a little makeover.  And wow!  They did such an amazing job with my mum’s makeup, really showing her how she can do her makeup differently and look amazing.  I was a little less enanamoured with the blue eyeshadow they used on me, although I concede it looked pretty cool, very rock chic.  But I have fallen in love with some of their core products, particularly one of the concealers and their contouring stick, as well as the most amazing bronze eyeliner (the shade is called Antique Gold).  None of the products are cheap but they last all day and I was really impressed with the artists in store, who really knew their product range and were also very sensitive to the needs of their clients. 

me and my mum post-Burberry makeovers, ls – doesn’t my mum look amazing, you would not guess she was a pensioner!
Early Spring Sunshine.  Spring was just starting to show up as I left for Guatemala with a couple of glorious sunny days and the blossoms just starting to peek through in places.  I am so excited that Spring will have fully sprung by the time I’m back in mid-April; it’s one of my favourite times of year, although I never look forward to spring fashion – far too many pastels for my monochrome tastes!

Feeling settled at work.  As you know, or should do if you read my Story So Far, I started a new job back in October.  I love the role, the company and my colleagues but it has not been an easy time learning the ropes and properly adjusting to civilian life.  This month is the first where I have felt really settled in the job, which is relieving and exciting in equal measure!  For the first time, I feel like I have a handle on the role and, while I still have a lot to learn and a lot I want to do, I feel that I am now doing that from a position of strength and confidence.

Coaching.  Part of the shift at work as come through working with a career coach.  I’m going to post separately about how powerful this kind of work can be but, in the meantime, here is a little shout out to Leah who has been the most amazing support to me in recent months.  It was through one of our sessions that this blog really took shape and I finally broke out of several months of writer’s block – so you can thank/blame her!!

Blogging.  Speaking of the writer’s block and getting back into blogging, I have really been enjoying writing again.  As I finish this post, I am sat in a little cafe in El Salvador, drinking iced coffee, and spending a relaxing afternoon reading and writing and I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.  To top it all off, some of you have been so kind with your comments on here and social media about my writing and photographs.  I have always set out to write because it makes me feel good but it’s so lovely to know that there are some people out the who enjoy reading it too (and at least one who makes a sport out of spotting my typos – you know who are you!)

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