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International Day of Happiness

In honour of this International Day of Happiness, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on the things that bring me happiness and joy.

Adventure.  Travelling on my own can be a little but scary at times but I get the greatest sense of contentment and peace when I’m on the road, discovering somewhere new.

Coming home and realising my brother has done the washing up!

A hot cup of tea in my favourite mug on a cold day.

The moment when I realise I was super-organised weeks ago and it’s just made my life easier – makes me so pleased!

Getting an unprompted message from a friend or loved one.  Feeling loved and appreciated always make me smile.

Finding places that serve really good veggie food – because a girl’s got to eat and seeing either mushroom risotto or Mediterranean vegetable tart on the menu can be soul-destroying.

Doing something kind for someone when they weren’t expecting it.

Going through old photographs and memories, always guaranteed to make me smile.

The days when I look in the mirror and think “I’m beautiful”.

Waking up and realising I don’t have to get up for another couple of hours.

And then managing to go back to sleep – no mean feat for someone who’s internal alarm clock goes off at 0600 regardless of what time I went to bed.

Getting up for a run when I didn’t want to and then really enjoying it.

Snuggling under a big fluffy duvet.

Finding the moment of peace in my yoga practice, that delicious point of effort and ease in a posture.

Knowing that I’ve done a piece of work to the best of my abilities and knowing it’s really good – the icing on the cake is when someone else recognises that too.

Finishing a really good book.

 international day of happiness, smiley face 
I could go on and on, now I’ve started to think about it.  And just the simple exercise of thinking about what makes me happy has made me happier.  It’s so easy sometimes, in our busy lives, to forget that we can create and shape our own emotional state; it’s too easy to blame others, work, the commute for our own bad moods but, really, we have so much more control over our feelings than we often realise.  It can be difficult to see the goodness in every situation – not to say it’s not worth trying – but just thinking about something that has made us happy can be all we need to tap back into that place of natural calm and contentment.  So what are you waiting for?  What’s making you happy today?  I’m off exploring in Antigua today; finding a lovely cafe with great veggie food where I can sit and read peacefully for a while will definitely make me a happy bunny 🙂
May your life be filled with love and laughter xx

1 thought on “International Day of Happiness”

  1. Amazing and beautiful to read when I’m having a low moment. Thank you for what feels like a gentle and positive hug for us all – always both a pleasure and reassuring to receive. Particularly from someone so far, far away X

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