Multi-potentialite: someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

  entrepreneur – life coach – yoga teacher –  mentor – facilitator – consultant


Vix and I worked together for about 18 months to ensure the successful running of our new business and project management teams. In my role as Director of New Business I had to work closely with Vix to make sure that the operational and security aspects of any potential new work were fully considered and planned for. I was always impressed with the way that Vix responded to the diverse and often rapidly changing needs of our contracts and clients. She was proactive in looking for ways to systematise our ways of working so that our approach was sustainable and scalable by developing helpful tools, checklists and process. Her work on contracting due diligence and risk management are just two good examples of this. I always found Vix to be positive, pragmatic and calm despite the pressures of her busy and demanding role. She was a pleasure to work with

What My Clients Say

“Vix is one of the most inspirational people I’ve had a chance to meet. Her wisdom and constant desire to learn, improve and help others is contagious. Coaching with her for the past few months has been immensely helpful and her advice on various topics will stay with me for life! I’d highly recommend to anyone who needs direction and clarity both in their professional and personal environments. Vix has also given me some great book recommendations which I thoroughly enjoyed”

What My Clients Say